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Free release of The Shivah reflects Jewish holiday special

In keeping with the spirit of the season, if you've never played Wadjet Eye's The Shivah, now's your chance to atone for that oversight. To help mark the occasion of Yom Kippur this weekend, the independent developer is offering the game absolutely free.

The Shivah puts players in the rather unorthodox (so to speak) role of Jewish Rabbi Russell Stone. With his congregation waning and his own devout beliefs becoming more embittered, Stone receives an unexpected surprise when a former member dies and leaves him a significant amount of money. What appears at first to be a gift from God, however, may not be quite what it seems, and players must guide the Rabbi across Manhattan to uncover the mystery behind the windfall.

Ironically, a version of this game was originally released as a freeware adventure before writer/designer Dave Gilbert upgraded the title and made it the launch point of his commercial career that now includes the Blackwell series and Emerald City Confidential.

What goes around comes around, then, but only for a limited time, as The Shivah is available free of charge only until Tuesday. To receive your free copy, simply order the game from the Wadjet Eye website and enter the coupon code "FreeShivah" during the purchase process.

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It’s a fun little game, even if you are paying for it.  I recommend it for a short weekend afternoon diversion.  I haven’t played the Blackwell games, but Emerald City Confidential is a quality title as well.

Sep 27, 2009
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