New episodic adventure forming in Shades of Violet

Remember when we used to have to excuse independent adventures for their inferior graphics and other production values? With new games like Shades of Violet on the horizon, it looks like it’s time to put those standards to rest for good.

A new four-part episodic adventure by Imagineer Games, Shades of Violet follows the story of orphaned friends Violet Vendetta and Welma Watson. A mixture of both humour and drama, each episode will tell a self-contained tale, yet contribute to a broader story arc that takes the main characters around the world, further maturing them in each new adventure. Rowdy and mischievous with a knack for mysteries, Violet is “uncouth, unwashed and unfed”, while the older Welma is meek and uncertain at first about following in Violet’s troublemaking footsteps.

In the series’ debut episode, Song of the Clockwork Princess, trouble comes anyway, when Violet “discovers the secret behind the town's creator and his mysterious daughter”. At the same time, Violet learns of a secret power she possesses called the “blue flow”, which becomes integral to her investigation. As the situation escalates, eventually the girls become caught up in a secret war between the “greatest military organization in the world and the forces of ‘the Beign’, an entity that seeks to create a world without end.”

As seen in the first screenshots and trailer, the game is set in a fantasy world of “steam powered cities and gigantic airships to backwater towns and mystical places of ancient civilizations”, all presented in stylish hand-drawn graphics. The point-and-click interface will feature a verb coin mechanic called the “Trinity Dial”. The most prominent option of the dial is Violet’s blue flow, a “Scrying-telemetry power” that allows Violet to sense thoughts, emotions, and past events, which will be necessary in order to piece together the mystery.

According to project leader Heriberto Valle, Imagineer is currently aiming to complete Song of the Clockwork Princess in the first quarter of 2010, to be digitally distributed with a disc version available as well, along with the longer-term goal of releasing a full retail product with publisher support.

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Shades of Violet: Episode 1 - Song of the Clockwork Princess

A new four-part episodic adventure, Shades of Violet follows the story of orphaned friends Violet Vendetta and Welma Watson.

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