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Fatman’s first adventure bounces back after six years

The Adventures of Fatman, produced independently by Socko! Games, was released commercially in 2003 but discontinued some time later. Now six years after its original release, Fatman is available for purchase again.

The game is a LucasArts-style parody that follows the adventures of the superhero Fatman, who protects the city of Shadowlawn. Bored with the lack of villainous activity in Shadowlawn, Fatman suddenly finds himself trying to stop the evil supervillain Toxicman.

The Adventures of Fatman can be downloaded now at a cost of $9.99 from Wadjet Eye Games, where a playable demo can be found as well. This game represents the first title on Wadjet Eye’s new “recommended list”, with several other games lined up and a new one to be introduced every two weeks.

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