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New adventure publisher helps fill The Void this fall

In a double dose of welcome news this week, fledgling publisher Mamba Games has announced a brand label exclusively devoted to the adventure genre called Odyssia, to be launched with this fall's release of Outcry and The Void.

Adventure gamers should be familiar with the surreal Russian puzzle-adventure Outcry already, but The Void is not only a new revelation, but something that sounds altogether new in its own right. Developed by Ice-Pick Lodge, creators of the equally-hard-to-pigeonhole Pathologic, the new game takes place in The Void, where souls go in a state between life and death. Players will have a single tool to assist them: The Colour, which is "the only food for the dying souls in The Void; every soul feeds off it and is desperately struggling for every drop they can find, as this is the only means to save themselves and return to mortal life."

While this is a rather nebulous description of what to expect, players can count on at least a certain amount of action in fights with "golems, bloodthirsty predators and other spawns of The Void." Unlike traditional action games, however, here "all in-game actions are realized through drawing", and players will need to determine which colours to use in which situations.

Whether that fits any popular definitions of "adventure" remains to be seen, but Odyssia considers it one, and along with Outcry will help launch a new digital download portal dedicated to the genre on September 25th. Better yet, Mamba plans to continue expanding Odyssia's adventure game lineup with 16 new products between now and the end of 2010.

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Very interesting. Pathologic was a strange but very fascinating game, with an insane atmosphere that I found almost unbearable after a while. The concept for The Void left me - obviously - puzzled and a little dubious, but at least it sounds refreshing and new. So, all in all, nice to see a new devoted publisher rising! Smile

Aug 7, 2009
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