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Wallace & Gromit finale comes suddenly to the fore

Not to be outdone by that other Telltale series, Wallace & Gromit are back this month for their "grand" finale in The Bogey Man, now available for purchase and download.

In the fourth and final episode of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, the absent-minded inventor's latest proposal (introduced in the cliffhanger ending of last month's installment) causes Wallace to join the Prickly Thicket, a prestigious country club despised by Felicity Flitt due to a longstanding family feud. Membership isn't just fun on the golf links, however, as once admitted, he realizes the club was "built by Wallace and Gromit's own ancestors, the club itself is a grand machine in the style of Wallace's own inventions, and its mechanical inner-workings hide a secret that must be recovered to return life back to normal."

As with the earlier episodes, The Bogey Man is available either as a standalone episode or as part of the full-season package. Ordering information for both can be found at the official website, along with a free playable demo. Each episode in the series will eventually come to Xbox Live Arcade as well, with the first already released, though further details have yet to be announced.

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Absolutely. In fact, should be a matter of mere hours now. Smile

Aug 10, 2009

Just wondering if we will see a review of this? I’m currently wavering about whether to buy the season and the quality of The Bogey Man could tip me either way…

Aug 10, 2009
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