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Players now converging on latest Blackwell release

Things were deathly quiet at Wadjet Eye Games yesterday, as purchasing issues plagued the long-awaited release of The Blackwell Convergence, but today the independent developer annnounced that the game is ready for ordering and download.

It's been quite a while since we last saw medium Rosangela Blackwell, the latest in a long line of Blackwell women forced to team up with wisecracking spirit guide Joey Mallone to help wayward ghosts. Following their debut in The Blackwell Legacy, the series took a step back chronologically to Rosangela's aunt Lauren in Blackwell Unbound, but the new adventure reunites the original pair for another round of supernatural mysteries to solve. In The Blackwell Convergence, Rosa and Joey are confronted with a variety of seemingly unrelated cases that seem like "just normal life in the big city", but something more sinister is clearly going on, and Rosa and Joey must figure out just how deep the connections run.

While not directly related to the new game, be sure to check out the second Blackwell Convergence animated short, which will introduce the game's main characters.

The Blackwell Convergence is currently available only from the Wadjet Eye website. The download-only option is $14.99, with an option to get a disc version of the game for an additional charge. A free demo is also available from the site as a playable sampler.

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