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AGON series ducks into casual game mode

We haven't seen much of the AGON series since last year's UK release of The Lost Sword of Toledo, and it seems we'll have to look even harder to find details of the fifth installment, as Private Moon announced its plans to release a hidden object version of the game in addition to a full-fledged adventure episode.

The next adventure in the series will be called The Tale of the Four Dragons, in which Professor Samuel Hunt continues his search for cursed board games in exotic locations around the world. That much had previously been revealed by the independent Hungarian studio. The surprise news is the production of an alternate version of the game made specifically for the casual game market. The versions will include common elements but provide a distinctly different gameplay experience and even title, as the hidden object version will be known as Treasures of Peking.

Further broadening their horizons, Private Moon also announced that they have received their Nintendo DS developer certification and that the "first steps" have been taken to launch a new project for Nintendo's popular handheld, though no further details are available just yet.

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