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Return to Mysterious Island 2 hooks a Big Fish release

Usually new game releases are trumpeted loudly by their publishers, but the latest adventures seem to be running in stealth mode, as three new games have been launched in recent weeks with little to no fanfare, in the form of Return to Mysterious Island 2, Diabolik: The Original Sin, and Another Code: R - A Journey Into Lost Memories.

In Return to Mysterious Island 2 (now subtitled Mina's Fate), Kheops Studio returns players to the famed island once inhabited by Captain Nemo. Playing once again as young Mina, who washed ashore in the original game only to seemingly get herself rescued by the end, circumstances go from bad to worse in the sequel. Not only is the rescue attempt tragically aborted, but now the island is being afflicted by a dangerous gas, and it's up to Mina and her simian pal Jep to figure out what's happening. At present, the game is only available at Big Fish Games.

Stealth is actually central to Diabolik: The Original Sin, as players control the titular master thief. When Diabolik's girlfriend Eva is captured by his old nemesis, he's tasked with stealing a valuable painting to secure her return, and the thief will stop at nothing to ensure her safety. Released on a variety of playforms, including PC, Wii, PlayStation 2, and the DS and PSP handhelds, Diabolik has been quietly shipped to retail stores in both North America and the UK.

The very first adventure game on the DS was Another Code, and now the series is branching onto the Wii with the release of Another Code: R - A Journey Into Lost Memories. The heroine of both games is young Ashely, now 16 years old. This time Ashley receives a invitation from her father to a camping resort, but she soon finds that something unusual is going on at Lake Juliet that may just tie in with her father's memory control experiments. Another Code: R is currently available only in the UK, and North American gamers should note that Wii region restrictions prevent PAL games from running on NTSC-enabled systems.

Note: Big Fish Games is an Adventure Gamers affiliate.

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