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Demo offers advance screening of The Filmmaker

Puzzle fans looking forward to The Filmmaker can now get an early sample of what’s to come, as independent developer Christopher Brendel today released a demo for the upcoming game.

Unlike the developer’s previous games, The Filmmaker is a first-person supernatural adventure in the style of games such as Myst and The 7th Guest, with a heavier emphasis on exploration and puzzles. The demo features half of the game’s prologue, and players will be able to explore about half of the theatre in which the game is set, with six different puzzles to solve.

In the full game, as well exploring the rest of the haunted Carson Stiles Gateway Theatre while trying to solve its dark secrets, players will get to go inside several movies playing there as well, as the game attempts to “re-create the mood of classic Hollywood ‘B-movies’”. For a list of download links to the 537 MB demo, head over to the game’s official website.

The demo will need to hold you over a while longer than expected, as The Filmmaker has been pushed back from its anticipated June release to early fall, just in time for Halloween.

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