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Pahelika, Gobliiins 4 demos emerge from hiding

For more puzzles than you can shake a stick at, a couple of mouse clicks are all you need, as playable demos of Gobliiins 4 and Pahelika: Secret Legends are now available for download.

The long-awaited fourth iteration of the Gobliiins series puts players back in control of three oddball goblins, each with his own unique skill. Balancing inventory use, brute (literally) strength, and magical ability, players must guide the goblins in cooperatively overcoming a series of challenges over the course of sixteen single-screen sceanrios. The nearly-100 MB Gobliiins 4 demo is not widely available at the moment, but can be found at the Impulse webshop (no purchase necessary to download the demo).

In Pahelika: Secret Legends, players are put into the first-person shoes of an adventurer travelling through fantastical worlds, solving devious puzzles designed to protect an ancient book called the Pahelika. At 32 MB, the Pahelika demo can be downloaded from GamersHell.

The full versions of both games were released for purchase last week.

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