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Coast is clear for Still Life 2 demo

If you've been dying to play Still Life 2, so to speak, today you can get your first sampling of the highly-anticipated sequel, as a multi-language demo of the game is now available for download.

The new game promises a resolution to the loose story threads of the original Still Life while delving into an all new serial murder mystery. FBI agent Victoria McPherson returns, but this time she's in pursuit of the East Coast Killer in Maine. An abrasive television reporter named Paloma Hernandez may just hold the clues needed to track him down, but before she's able to share what she knows, Paloma is kidnapped by the killer, and it's all she'll be able to do to keep herself alive.

Still Life 2 allows players to control both Victoria and Paloma throughout the game. In the demo, following a lengthy sequence of cinematics to set the stage, players start off as Paloma as she awakens to the horror of her captivity, and must attempt to escape before the killer escapes.

The demo tops a full gigabyte, and can be found at standard download sites like WorthPlaying and GamersHell.

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Community Comments

Latest comments (5 total)

Not bad, although I wish I could change the resolution. My laptop is pretty new, but it’s not designed for gaming, so the demo ran pretty slow on my system.

...I might just have to buy it, then spend a couple days at my parents place with my dad’s PC, ;P

Apr 22, 2009

It’s cool. Screen design is nice. Handling of items is unique, where each item has its own size. Sound is also cool. I just hope more polygons in closeup scenes though.

Apr 22, 2009

WAW! The demo is G-R-E-A-T!
Playing now A Vampyre Story and Mata Hari, this demo was much more fun that those two anticipated games.

I am looking forward now to play Still Life 2!
Really good (but awful inventory system)

Apr 19, 2009

Nothing firm yet, but the latest indication is June for digital distribution, August for full retail.

Apr 19, 2009

Does anyone know when this is coming out (in English)? I’d download the demo but my internet connection is truly horrible…

Apr 19, 2009

It is for an an adventure demo, that’s for sure. I assume that’s because of the multiple languages included.

Apr 19, 2009

The demo tops a full gigabyte

That’s quite massive, for a demo… eh?

Apr 19, 2009
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