Syberia 3 announced for PC as Sony gives Microïds the cold shoulder

"April Fool's" news of sequel officially confirmed, though details remain sparse

Following a rather ill-conceived April Fool's "announcement" of Syberia 3 for the PC and PlayStation 3 by Microïds, and the subsequent some-of-it's-true-but-some-isn't confirmation from the company, today the news of a PC sequel to the popular series has become official.

Today's revelation actually comes in the form of an unusual "letter to players and professionals of the video game industry". In stating categorically that “Syberia 3 is not an April Fool's joke", Microïds President Emmanuel Olivier confirmed that the game "will be released on PC for sure."

Where the issue gets more complex is the game's availability on the PlayStation 3, as originally rumoured on April 1st. Microïds would clearly like to include the PS3, and more importantly to all adventure gamers, states that in order to ensure the high level of quality we've come to expect from the acclaimed series, "it is essential to develop it for multiple platforms, PC and consoles." Unfortunately, Sony has yet to approve such a project, and having previously denied the release of other Microïds titles on the older PlayStation 2, the prospect of Syberia 3 doesn't look particularly hopeful for the next-gen console. Microïds is also balking at the high royalties charged by Sony, citing earlier payouts on past adventures for the company's investment limitations this time around.

To that end, Microïds is asking all Syberia fans to participate in an appeal to "convince Sony to change its rules" by sending emails of support to: [email protected].

In any case, Syberia 3 is indeed coming, and all that remains to be decided now is the scope of the project. Plus, of course, all those other little details like what the game is actually about. But like all Syberia fans, we'll be closely following the progess of this game, and no doubt we'll be hearing much more about it in coming months.


Apr 17, 2009

Well, even if I highly doubt that the PS3 could be a new frontier for adventure gaming, I surely want to see a Syberia III as good as its predecessor, and obviously not an half-baked, low-budget version…

And as Jackal mentioned, I can’t wait (which translate to: why Microids didn’t give us a little more detail?) to know what the game will really be about.

Raz Mataz
Apr 17, 2009

Holy Cow! I never dreamt of it! Hope that microids would release more details on it soon!

Lucien21 Lucien21
Apr 17, 2009

Unless it is an adventure in the style of Heavy Rain Sony won’t touch it.

Apr 17, 2009

And if it will be in the style of Heavy Rain, I won’t touch it! Grin

Apr 17, 2009

I loved Syberia 1 + 2, I just hope this ones as good or better, and that the third one sees the light of day!

Apr 17, 2009

I don’t think that Syberia 3 solely on PC would be bad idea, with budget like, lets say Still-Life 2, but it would certainly be shame. C’mon, we want next Syberia multiplatform in graphics like Heavy Rain and from Sokal and White Birds Smile.

tsa tsa
Apr 22, 2009

Awesome news, but what does Mr. Sokal have to say about this? Why is it not made by White Birds?

Apr 22, 2009

Good news! Details of game style may not be clear now, but if we meet Oskar again, it will be a great pleasure. I think he is one of the most unique characters in adventure games.

Intrepid Homoludens
Sep 21, 2009

Will it be in real time 3D or flat 2D with 3D characters on top and will it retain a very traditional point & click interface? Those may have something to do with Sony’s “cold shoulder” treatment in terms of the game’s marketability. Also, have they approached Microsoft as well to see they’d greenlight it for the XBox 360?

Sep 21, 2009

I think if Heavy Rain is successful commercially Sony will be more open to publishing adventures on its system. I own a PS3 but I have to say I would much prefer to play Syberia 3 on my PC. In any case, this is very good news, I loved the first 2 games and will definitely be playing this one.

Jul 22, 2010

so any news on the syberia 3? As I see nothing moved 1mm

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