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The Filmmaker shooting for summer release

With production on Stonewall Penitentiary having hit something of a stone wall itself, indie developer Chris Brendel has set his sights on a new adventure in the meantime, revealing that The Filmmaker is scheduled for release this summer.

Less a story- and character-driven adventure than his previous titles, Lifestream and Shady Brook, the new game is a "first-person puzzle-based horror adventure" that takes players into the haunted environs of the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater. Built in the 1930s and later an exclusive home to the black-and-white films of the mysterious Claude Ferucil, the theater was shut down when its entire staff was brutally murdered, apparently by its owner, who then committed suicide while Ferucil disappeared. But now, in your mailbox, are two tickets to the premiere of an all-new Claude Ferucil film called "Primal AtmosFear", and you and your best friend agree to attend the opening, returning to the theater for the first time in years.

In what Brendel describes as a "B-movie" experience in its own right, not only will players get to explore the now-haunted old theater, you'll also have the opportunity to step inside several movies while you're there. Using a traditional point-and-click control scheme, The Filmmaker will offer more than twenty different puzzles, resembling older genre classics like Shivers and The 7th Guest.

While no firm release date has yet been announced, Brendel's Unimatrix Productions is currently targeting release for late summer this year.

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