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Casebook “mini-episode” released at zero cost

Sometimes there really is such a thing as a free lunch. Or a free Casebook investigation, anyway, as Areo has recently released a standalone demo in the form of an original "mini-episode" called "Episode 0: The Missing Urn".

The episode's all-new content functions like a prequel to the main FMV mystery series, providing some insightful glimpses into the childhood and family of Detective James Burton. Convinced that it's been stolen, Burton's Aunt Maggie asks for help when the urn holding her husband's ashes goes missing. A little investigating reveals that more things are missing from the house as well, including items belonging to its other occupants, Maggie's sister and her husband, and it's up to Burton and his silent partner (that's you) to crack the case.

Offering about an hour or more of gameplay, the mini-episode is a less complex case than the series' full commercial installments, but still contains a complete investigation requiring players to explore photorealistic environments and test their forensic skills in order to solve the mystery.

The download weighs in at 248 MB, and can be found at the Casebook website.

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