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The Whispered World to be heard throughout UK

Daedalic Entertainment's The Whispered World isn't whispering anymore, but it's getting a whole lot closer to covering the world, as it was announced today that Deep Silver will be publishing the game in 18 different territories, including the United Kingdom.

The Whispered World tells the story of a young clown named Sadwick, who sets off on a dangerous journey to save the world after learning of its impending destruction through a prophecy. Joining him in his travels is his faithful companion Spot, a colourful caterpillar who has the unique ability to take on different elemental forms to help overcome the many obstacles on the way. For more details, be sure to check out our preview of the game.

While Daedalic's no stranger to the German adventure market, the company had yet to previously develop a foothold in English language markets, so today's news is a significant announcement. The company's first internally-developed game, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, is still awaiting English distribution, while the promising ecological thriller A New Beginning is also currently in production, so hopefully this marks only the beginning of Daedalic's international expansion.

Along with the UK, the deal between Deep Silver and Daedalic includes France, Italy, the Scandanavian countries and many others. The German version of The Whispered World is scheduled for May, but there is no firm release target for the English version, promising only to launch "later this year".

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Really happy to see that Italy is included Smile

Mar 24, 2009
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