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Crime Scene open for tampering this June

This summer, would-be adventure game detectives are going to need all the best forensic equipment: UV lamp, swabs, adhesive strips, tweezers... and a Nintendo DS, if you're to use all the others in the upcoming investigative title called Crime Scene.

Not to be confused with the CSI series, Crime Scene is an original title by White Birds that promises to "turn your Nintendo DS into a crime lab". Players are cast as Detective Matt Simmons, recently promoted into the forensics department and now challenged in a variety of cases that require him to "find and analyze clues with sophisticated equipment, interrogate witnesses and suspects, build a file with enough proof so there is no room for doubt and condemn the guilty". With nine different forensic tools for examining crime scenes, six hi-tech lab instruments for analyzing blood, hair, ballistics, photos, and DNA (among others), and 19 witnesses and suspects to interview through multiple choice dialogues, these tasks are easier said than done.

The game promises to make use of the DS's touch screen and stylus to move beyond basic point-and-click mechanics for a more realistic investigative experience. Along the way, players will also have the help of Peter Wayne, an "incompetent" detective who's nearing retirement but is always willing to aid you as necessary, and superintendent Alexandra Malone, who will provide you with search warrants when you've convinced her they're justified.

Crime Scene is scheduled for release in June, and better yet, Nobilis has already secured a UK distributor, so it should only be a few short months before we see it on store shelves. In the meantime, the game already has an official website, though for now there's no new information available.

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