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Louisiana swamped with Mystery Cases this summer

The prospect of solving unexplained murders in New Orleans should perk up the years of any adventure fan, though the latest opportunity isn't for Gabriel Knight, but rather the heroine of Infinion's debut adventure, Louisiana: Mystery Cases.

The game takes players back to 1902, where a series of brutal murders in a New Orleans suburb catches the attention of the Bureau of Special Investigation (edit: agency name changed from the original "FBI", as stated in the press release), which sends their best agent to investigate. A fully 3D, direct-control adventure, the game will feature optional control methods using either the mouse or keyboard alone, or a combination of the two, depending on player preference.

According the Infinion, dialogue will be a central component in the game, offering legitimately non-linear options that affects the ongoing storyline in relevant ways. In a twist on the standard point-scoring system of previous adventures, the game will also track "Detective Points" which will "assess the underlying logic and elegance" of the player's choices, and offer a bonus location to those who achieve a high enough score.

Unlike so many games that await delayed English localization, the independent Austrian developers have confirmed that an English version is in progress. While no publishing arrangements have yet been finalized, negotiations are already underway, and Infinion is currently targeting this summer for completion and a full release into retail stores.

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