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Ceville released and ready to rule

It's been a busy time for Ceville, the diminutive tyrant of the self-titled comic adventure, and his hectic schedule has now been capped off by the game's release from Kalypso Media.

First there was the trailer, and then came the demo. But those were merely appetizers, and now players can jump fully into the under-sized shoes of the former ruler of Faeryanis. A nasty little cuss who delights in cruelty, Ceville's days seem numbered when he's overthrown as king, but when his treacherous advisor become a threat to the kindhearted new queen, it's up to Ceville to play the hero (in his own curmudgeonly way).

Ceville is now shipping as a standard boxed product in the UK, and is also available for download through multiple digital distribution channels, including The Adventure Shop.

Note: The Adventure Shop is an Adventure Gamers affiliate.

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Latest comments (2 total)

Great game, really. I’m still playing it, and enjoying every bit of it. High quality, polished adventure games like this one are very rare these days.

Mar 4, 2009

without a doubt the best adventure game i’ve played in a long while (vampyre was good too, but this one is better i think)

Mar 3, 2009
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