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Rhiannon steers clear of Lighthouse in Europe

It's never a good sign when a shining beacon ceases to function, but disaster was averted for Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches when the publishing rights to the supernatural horror reverted back to the developers from its European publisher, Lighthouse Interactive.

Amidst increasing reports of serious financial difficulty for Lighthouse, today's announcement acknowledges that the "collapse of its UK distributor" resulted in the company's inability to meet its contractual commitment to Rhiannon's Welsh-based developer, Arberth Studios. Although the game was launched in the UK in 2008, it has yet to be localized for release in other European countries, and Arberth is now pursuing those opportunities with other publishers on its own. The developers have also acquired a "sizeable proportion of the remaining stock" of Rhiannon, and will be making it available through a number of outlets, including the game's own website (although not yet available).

Based on the collection of historical myths in the Welsh Mabinogion, Rhiannon is the modern day tale of an ancient rivalry that has carried on beyond the grave. In the rural home of Ty Pryderi, teenaged Rhiannon Sullivan has begun to experience disturbing phenomena she believes date back to a curse on the Pryderi household. Following in her footsteps, it's the player's role to discover the secrets of the haunted home, and put an end to the danger to Rhiannon once and for all.

Even as Arberth seeks to redistribute Rhiannon across Europe, the team is already at work on its second game, Coven. Lighthouse, meanwhile, is the publisher of a number of adventures besides Rhiannon, so it will be interesting to see if today's news causes any further fallout effect.

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