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Ceville dispenses a nasty new trailer (in a good way)

Sometimes it's good to be bad, and players will get a chance to experience just that in the upcoming Ceville. If there was any doubt of that claim, it's laid to rest in the new trailer launched today by Kalypso.

In Ceville, players control the titular former ruler of Faeryanis, a pint-sized tyrant with a definite "little big man" complex. When Ceville learns of a plan by the new queen's counsellor to conquer the kingdom with the help of otherworldly beasts, it's up to this least likely of heroes to save the day.

That doesn't mean he can't have a little wicked fun while's he's at it, though. The new teaser shows off Ceville's nastier side (or perhaps his only side, which just so happens to be nasty), as he engages in a variety of mischievous and downright cruel activities. The 52 MB video can be downloaded directly from the publisher's website or the usual download sites like WorthPlaying.

For more information about Ceville, be sure to check out the game's official website in preparation for its release in the UK later this month.

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