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Captivating new Still Life 2 trailer released

With the highly-anticipated Still Life 2 edging closer towards release, the sneak peeks are coming more frequently. The latest glimpse into the gritty new thriller comes in the form of a new trailer showing the kidnapping of Paloma Hernandez.

Paloma is the second playable character in Still Life 2, along with FBI agent Victoria McPherson. The "East Coast Torturer" has just claimed another victim in Maine, and Paloma is conducting her own investigation as a journalist. That investigation soon becomes a simple matter of survival, however, as the gas masked Torturer shows up at her door mere moments after she's hung up the phone with Victoria.

The new video shows nearly two minutes of the suspenseful kidnapping of Paloma, and can either be streamed directly or downloaded from FileFront and other standard download sites.

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Community Comments

Latest comments (2 total)


Absolutely loved STILL LIFE. In fact just about to play it again when grab a notebook this year.

Great story!, anticipation is rising ! Wink


Feb 11, 2009

As excited as I am for this game, the FMVs that are being leaked out aren’t what I’m wanting. I want to see some footage of the actual gameplay. All they’re doing at the moment is showing vital sections of the story which is only going to deteriorate the fun of experiencing the game when it’s finally released.

Still, I can’t wait.

Feb 10, 2009
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