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Everlight to shine in UK this month

It's only right that a game about moving between the dark of night and light of day should itself receive its time in the sun. That will soon be the case for Everlight, as JoWood announced today that the fantasy adventure will be releasing later this month.

Launched in North America in September under the title Everlight: Of Magic & Power, the newly-subtitled UK release of Everlight: Power to the Elves will cast players in the role of a boy named Melvin. Possessing a rare magical gift, Melvin is transported to a town called Tallen, whose inhabitants are afflicted by a strange curse. Come nightfall, the villagers turn into their own polar personality opposites before reverting to their normal selves at daylight, with no memory of the change. Only by strategically shifting between the two time periods will Melvin be able to put an end to the curse.

Everlight: Power to the Elves will be available on November 21st. In the meantime, be sure to check out our recent review of the game.

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