Grim Fandango’s puzzles documented in detail

Normally a walkthrough is something you want to avoid reading, but not when it's the original puzzle document for Grim Fandango, released this week by Tim Schafer in honour of the game's tenth anniversary.

On Schafer's Double Fine website, the acclaimed designer has been reminiscing about the LucasArts classic a decade after its launch. As a special treat for gamers, the whopping 72-page document detailing the game's many puzzles -- and some that never made it into the finished version -- has now been made publicly available for the first time. Written in 1996, the document also includes proposed script ideas for cutscenes and a variety of early concept art.

The 2.3 MB pdf document is naturally a huge spoiler-fest, but for those who have played the game, it's a fun and informative read about one of the most beloved adventures of all time.

Details on Grim Fandango

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