Cryo’s properties revived in Microïds acquisition

Remember Cryo? If you were adventure gaming a decade ago, you could barely turn around without stepping on a new Cryo title, but the French company's prominence ended in bankruptcy and a subsequent merger with DreamCatcher. While key personnel went on to form the likes of Kheops Studio and Atlantis Interactive Entertainment, Cryo's original properties seem destined to fade into oblivion. That won't prove to be the case, however, as Microïds announced this week that it has acquired the intellectual rights of Cryo's extensive catalogue of games and associated brands.

What does that mean to gamers? For starters, it means that the future of numerous games like the Atlantis and Egypt series, along with Jules Verne adventures like Return to Mysterious Island and Voyage (or Journey to the Center of the Moon) will be preserved as Microïds continues to make the games available through digital distribution. As adventure gamers are no strangers to games and intellectual properties being lost in ownership limbo, this deal secures a substantial number of titles for the foreseeable future.

Looking ahead, Microïds has also confirmed to Adventure Gamers that it plans to produce new games based on Cryo's IPs. While no firm details are being revealed just yet, the first title is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2009, and an official announcement will be made in the coming weeks. So stay tuned to see which of Cryo's large and diverse portfolio will be the first to continue under Microïds' direction.

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