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Ceville rules over new internet domain

He's short, he's cruel, and he's the star of his own adventure game... No, it's not Strong Bad, but Ceville, the titular protagonist of the comic fantasy adventure by Boxed Dreams. And now you can see more of him online, as Kalypso Media has launched the official website for the game.

Ceville casts players in the title role for the most part; a former tyrant finally ousted by his once-docile populace in the fantasy world of Faeryanis. His kingdom is now ruled by the kindhearted Queen Gwendolyn, but the royal advisor has other ideas, with plans to overthrow the queen and claim the throne for himself. Naturally -- or quite unnaturally -- it's up to the least likely of heroes to save the day, with a little help from a young girl named Lilly and a finely-coiffed knight named Ambrosius along the way

For more information about the game's story and characters, check out the new website. The game itself will be a while longer than expected, as the release date in the UK has now been moved back from late this year to February 2009.

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