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Machinarium trailer now operational

Fans of the cult-favourite Samorost games have been anxiously awaiting the first full-scale adventure from Amanita Design, and a new gameplay trailer for Machinarium is sure to increase anticipation all the more.

Machinarium is set in a bizarre metallic world populated only by robots. The game's protagonist is a little robot who has been unjustly expelled to the scrap yard behind the city. Players must guide the little robot back into town to rescue his friend robot-girl and stop the bad guys from the 'Black Cap Brotherhood' before they can bomb the central tower that houses the city's ruler.

The new trailer provides almost a minute of in-game footage, showing off the game's stylish hand-drawn graphics and simple point-and-click gameplay. Samorost veterans will see many similarities to the developer's previous works, though differences in Machinarium will include such things as a small inventory and the ability to interact only with objects the protagonist can reach. The trailer can be streamed directly or downloaded from the IndieGames website.

No firm release date has been set for Machinarium yet, but Amanita is currently targeting completion for the "first half" of 2009.

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