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Teaser emerges from Darkness Within sequel

If you've kept your head buried under a blanket since the horrors of Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder, you'll need to peek out just long enough to scare yourself all over again with the new teaser for its upcoming sequel, The Dark Lineage.

While no firm details about the sequel's plot has yet been revealed, the trailer hints at the same sort of suspenseful chills as its Lovecraft-inspired predecessor; its unseen protagonist slowly moving through an eerie old house until finally discovering the horrifying... well, that would be telling, and you can see for yourself in either streaming or downloadable video form.

The original game told the troubling tale of police detective Howard Loreid, whose attempts to track down murder suspect Loath Nolder led to a trail of terrifying occult activities even as lucid dreams and other paranormal events threatened his own sanity. The Darkness Within saga was planned as a multi-part series from the beginning, though it's unclear exactly how the sequel ties into earlier events.

Fortunately, there's not that much longer to wait, as the game's developers have targeted spring 2009 for release.

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