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Safecracker vaults onto Nintendo Wii

While the Nintendo Wii may be best known for its physically-demanding motion controls, there are still plenty of games designed to work out the mind. Add Safecracker to the latter list, as JoWood and DreamCatcher announced today that they will be porting Kheops Studio's popular PC puzzle-centric adventure to the Wii.

Originally released almost two years ago (and not to be confused with its similarly-named predecessor almost a decade earlier), the game casts players in the first-person role of an expert safecracker called to the mansion of a recently deceased billionaire who has hidden his will in one of 35 increasingly challenging safes throughout the house. While there is some exploration to be done apart from the safes, the main focus of the game is its puzzles, as each opened safe adds new clues that let you progress further.

No firm release date for the Wii port has yet been announced, but the game is currently on schedule for a release this fall.

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Wii is starting to look as a truly viable new adventure gaming platform. I hope the adventure titles do and will continue to sell.

Jun 24, 2008
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