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The Lost Crown finds way to UK this summer

What goes around comes around, at least where The Lost Crown is concerned. Jonathan Boakes' latest ghost-hunting adventure is returning to its original romping grounds this summer, as Lighthouse Interactive announced today that the game will be published in the UK this summer.

In the mostly-black-and-white adventure, players take control of amateur ghost seeker and treasure hunter Nigel Danvers, who finds himself on the foggy English coastal town of Saxton in pursuit of the fabled Crown of Anglia. Not all treasures are meant to be found, however, and players will confront opposition both living and dead, and success depends on applying various skills as a paranormal investigator, using real-world ghost hunting equipment and techniques to proceed.

For more information about The Lost Crown, be sure to check out the game's official website and read through our review of the game.

Lighthouse is currently targeting a release of July 18th in the UK, and plans to bring the game to other European countries (excluding France and Russia) in the fourth quarter of this year.

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