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Fantasy-themed Ceville to conquer UK

In ye ol' surprise adventure game news, Kalpyso Media announced today that it will be publishing the point-and-click, fantasy-themed adventure Ceville in the UK.

Developed by German studio Boxed Dreams, Ceville tells the story of its eponymous anti-hero in his quest to save his kingdom. Once a ruthless tyrant who ruled over the fairy tale realm of Faeryanis, Ceville was ousted in a public revolution and driven from the realm, replaced by the far kinder Queen Gwendolyn and her noble council. Unfortunately, a traitorous cousellor named Basilius is now secretly conspiring to "murder queen Gwendolyn, take the crown and subdue the realm with the help of murderous beasts he summons from the planes of eternal darkness." In order to save the kingdom, it's up to none other than Ceville himself to foil Basilius' evil scheme, though throughout the game, players will also have the chance to control "Ambrosius, the pompous and self-important knight or Lilly, a quirky, but kind and gentle girl."

Although no firm launch date has been set for Ceville, Kalypso is currently targeting a release some time later this year.

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