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Trailer brings Dracula: Origin to life

Vampires may not cast a reflection in mirrors, but we sure will be seeing a lot of them on PC in the coming months. The next to star in his own adventure is none other than Dracula himself, and now gamers can catch a first animated glimpse of the Count in the new trailer for Dracula: Origin.

In Dracula: Origin, players assume the role of famed vampire hunter Professor Van Helsing, who has made it his life's work to kill Dracula. He also faces a more immediate challenge, however, as Dracula has learned of a manuscript that can bring damned souls back to life, and Van Helsing must stop him before he's able to find and use the manuscript on Mina, the fiancée of Jonathan Harker.

The new cinematic teaser introduces a number of the game's characters and environments throughout an adventure that takes players from London into Egypt, Austria, and of course Transylvania. The trailer can either be streamed directly or saved as 76 MB download.

For more information about Dracula: Origin before its international release in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our recent hands-on preview and pop over to the official website.

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