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New trailer emanates from The Lost Crown

Like a ghost that lingers after the body passes away, so The Lost Crown is still making its presence felt even months after release. Today's sighting is a new trailer for the latest ghost-hunting adventure from Jonathan Boakes.

In The Lost Crown, players assume the role of Nigel Danvers, on the run from his boss after discovering company secrets he wasn't meant to know. Fearing for his safety, Danvers flees to the foggy English coastal town of Saxton, an area with a rich history of pirates, treasure, and even ghosts. Using real world ghost-hunting tools and techniques, Danvers decides to pursue a legendary crown on an adventure that takes him to a variety of haunted environments.

Along with a smattering of in-game footage, the new teaser includes a lengthy section of the game's introduction, which details the background behind Jonathan's flight from Hadden Industries. The trailer is available for streaming directly or as a 56 MB download from the game's official website.

For more information about The Lost Crown, be sure to check out our review of the game.

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