Aurora to shine soon in North America

The name "Area 51" conjures up images of aliens, crashed UFOs, and decades-old conspiracy theories, but perhaps something much different has been going on in New Mexico. At least, that's the idea behind Aurora: The Secret Within, which will soon be released by Tri-Synergy in North America.

The first adventure from Italian developers BluMiAl Studios, Aurora puts players in the first-person role of Detective Pileggi, assigned to a case involving the disappearance of a local farmer in Roswell, circa 1950. During the course of his investigation, however, Pileggi discovers that "his reality has always been an illusion" and that Area 51 is really host to a secret project created for travelling through time.

For more information about Aurora: The Secret Within, most notably a streaming trailer of the game, check out the official website of Lexicon Entertainment, the game's international publisher.

While today's announcement revealed the publishing agreement to bring Aurora to North America, no firm release date has yet been established.

Details on Aurora: The Secret Within

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