No joke, new So Blonde trailer now available

While adventure fans continue to await word of an English release of So Blonde, now at least a new cinematic trailer can help pass the time.

In So Blonde, players assume the role of teenager Sunny Blonde, who finds herself not only shipwrecked on a tropical island, but mystically sent back in time to the 17th century. A spoiled young woman more accustomed to cell phones and shopping malls, Sunny soon finds herself confronted by the likes of pirates and voodoo priests, and finding a way home may just involve some growing up along the way.

The new trailer shows several clips of in-game footage and introduces some of the game's varied cast of characters. The 90 MB download is currently available at WorthPlaying, and will no doubt circulate among other popular download sites soon. And if the new trailer leaves you wanting more, there is another teaser available for streaming directly from the game's official website, listed as "Trailer 1" in the "Downloads" section after clicking the English version flag on the main page.

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