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Diamonds in the Rough unearthed for sale

It's been fairly quiet on the independent developer front of late, but Atropos Studios has stepped up to fill the void with today's release of Diamonds in the Rough.

The first commercial game by the Greek developer previously responsible for the freeware title Other Worlds, Diamonds in the Rough casts players in the role of 20-year old Jason Hart, whose "special abilities" have drawn the attention of a mysterious organization. This company recruits those who possess psychic powers, and Jason is offered a job in the American midwest. After accepting the job, however, Jason begins to question the real purpose of the organization and the nature of his involvement.

Diamonds in the Rough is available on CD-ROM for €19.90 (plus variable shipping costs) directly from the official website. There is also a playable demo available for those who prefer to try before you buy.

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