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Lap up Sam & Max: Episode 204 from GameTap today

It's not every day that we announce the release of a 5-star game, but today's news that Sam & Max: Episode 204 has launched on GameTap affords us just such an opportunity.

Chariots of the Dogs, the fourth episode of Season Two, sees the Freelance Police in hot pursuit of Bosco, everyone's favourite paranoid Inconvenience Store owner. Bosco has mysteriously disappeared, leaving clues behind that point to none other than the notorious T-H-E-M. To find him, Sam & Max embark on another out-of-this-world adventure, but the question is: can they rescue him in time?

The latest episode is now available for GameTap subscribers, and will be offered for purchase and download tomorrow by Telltale Games. In the meantime, for a first-hand peek at Chariots of the Dogs, be sure to check out the gameplay video at the game's official web page.

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