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New Sam & Max cinematic trailer invades

They say that even paranoids have enemies, and if the new cinematic trailer for Sam & Max: Episode 204 is any indication, we'll soon find out if that's true for Bosco and the ever-elusive T-H-E-M. (Eeeek!!)

In Chariots of the Dogs, the fourth of five episodes in Season Two, everyone's favourite heavily-fortified Inconvenience Store owner has disappeared, and it's up to Sam & Max to find out what's become of him. A few weeks remain before their discoveries are revealed, but for now the game's first screenshots and streaming trailer offer a few not-so-subtle clues. The Air Force, of course, is reporting weather balloon sightings in the area.

Chariots of the Dogs is due out March 13th exclusively on GameTap, followed the day after by its worldwide release from Telltale.

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