Professor Layton is now available for the curious

With the Professor Layton games already a hit in Japan, North American gamers are now getting a chance to see what the series is all about with the recent release of Professor Layton and the Curious Village for the Nintendo DS.

This new puzzle adventure game involves the small village of St. Mystere, where a wealthy baron has recently died and left instructions to find his fortune in the form of a complex puzzle. Archaeologist and puzzle master Professor Layton, along with his sidekick Luke, are called upon to try and solve this puzzle for the baron's family and encounter another mystery along the way.

As an added bonus, for a limited time there will be weekly downloadable puzzles for Professor Layton and the Curious Village that will be available over the Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection.

For more information about the game and to play an online demo, be sure to visit the official website.

Details on Professor Layton and the Curious Village

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