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Trailer now playing for Sam & Max: Episode 203

If a new trailer is out featuring vampires, zombies, disco, and other long-dead things, that can mean only one thing... No, not impending Armageddon, but close. It's the first glimpse of Night of the Raving Dead, the next installment of Sam & Max: Season Two.

In Episode 203, zombies are on the loose, so Sam & Max set out for the town of Stuttgart to confront the leader of the undead, a nipple-ringed vampire that would have Béla Lugosi turning over in his grave (figuratively speaking). The trailer takes a decidedly offbeat approach to its subject matter, and can be streamed directly from Telltale's website.

Along with the video and first screenshots of the new game comes a slightly altered release date, as Night of the Raving Dead will release two days earlier than originally planned, premiering on GameTap on February 12th and released for download worldwide the following day.

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