Indigo Prophecy available through Xbox LIVE

Fall Dashboard Update includes full Xbox Originals for download

It's been known for a while that Xbox LIVE (the online service for the Xbox 360) was getting a Fall Dashboard Update and starting today, that update is now available. Among the highlights is the chance to download complete Xbox Originals, and one adventure game made it to the list, as Indigo Prophecy is now available for purchase.

While the game has always been available as a retail product for the original Xbox, it has not previously been available for download on the Xbox 360. The game will cost 1200 Microsoft points and require a free software emulator, the details of which can be found here.

Using a variety of unique gameplay mechanics, Indigo Prophecy tells the story of Lucas Kane, a man who unwittingly commits a brutal murder while experiencing a disturbing vision. Lucas is not the only person entering homicidal hypnotic states, however, and he must discover what is behind it while he himself is on the run.

Xbox Live users in North America can now download Indigo Prophecy, while those in Europe and the UK will soon have access to Fahrenheit, which is the same game with a few scenes censored in the North American version.

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Game Info

Indigo Prophecy

PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox

Horror, Mystery

Quantic Dream

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Worldwide September 20 2005 Atari

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Indigo Prophecy

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Dec 5, 2007

I don’t have a 360, but this is great news!  The more people that are exposed to this amazing game (and adventure gaming in general), the better.

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