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New evidence submitted for Apollo Justice

It's been known for a while that Apollo Justice will be Phoenix Wright's successor as defense attorney, and now that Phoenix has ended his tenure, new details are emerging about the next game in the series, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

Now slated for North American release in early 2008, Apollo Justice is the first game in the series to be made exclusively for the Nintendo DS. While the game will have a similar structure to the previous three games with investigative and courtroom phases, one of the key differences will be the addition of a Crime Recreation Mode, where the crime scene can be reconstructed in order to uncover clues.

Along with Apollo, whose youth and inexperience are balanced by a special ability to interpret body language, a new cast of characters will also be introduced in the game. Whereas Phoenix had a mentor in Mia Fey and her sister Maya as a courtroom assistant, Apollo will turn to Kristoph Gavin, a cool-headed and logical defense attorney, and be assisted by Trucy, a mysterious magician he meets by chance. Of course, no Ace Attorney game would be complete without a larger-than-life prosecutor and the new game is no exception. Klavier Gavin is not only a brilliant prosecutor, but the lead singer in a rock band, as well as Kristoph's younger brother.

While no specific details about Apollo Justice have yet been added, keep an eye on the official Ace Attorney website for any further information.

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