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CSI4 probing retailers in North America

For the many armchair crime scene investigators out there, it's time to break out the fingerprint dust, the Luminol, and the gamepad, as CSI: Hard Evidence is now shipping to retailers across North America.

Okay, the gamepad may not be required, as Hard Evidence is once again a point-and-click affair on PC, but for the first time in the series, the new game has been released for Xbox 360 along with its PC counterpart.

The fourth game in the CSI series to feature Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, and the rest of the Vegas cast from the popular televsion show, Hard Evidence once again tasks players with solving a variety of grisly crimes. Over the course of five separate cases, players will combine modern day forensic tools with good old-fashioned detective work to bring the ciminals to justice. Among the new features are a new garage lab for examining large evidence, ballistic lasers to recreate gunfire, and video analyis.

CSI: Hard Evidence is currently in development for the Wii as well, but release for Nintendo's console is planned for later this year.

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