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Christmas comes early with Sam & Max: Season Two

We've known it's been coming for a while now, but to this point we've been largely in the dark on details about Sam & Max: Season Two. Finally, however, the veil has been lifted, as Telltale Games has revealed the much-anticipated new information about the upcoming season.

First up is the newly-christened Ice Station Santa, to be launched exclusively on GameTap on November 8th, then released for purchase and download the day after from Telltale. Numbered "201" (denoting second season, first episode), Ice Station Santa will be the first of five episodes comprising the new season. Following the same release pattern as the debut episode, Episode 202 will be released by GameTap and Telltale on January 10th and 11th, respectively, and the remaining three episodes at monthly intervals after that. The dates for each episode launch coincide with the second Thursday of each month.

According to Telltale, the new season will also follow the same price structure as Season One, with individual episodes priced at $8.95 and the full season available for pre-order at $34.95. And once again, Telltale will be offering a free disc version of Season Two for any who pre-order, asking only the cost of shipping.

For more information about the new season of Sam & Max, be sure to check out the official website, and then torment yourself while you wait with our recent hands-on preview.

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