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Belief & Betrayal release date breaks faith

Today's announcement from Lighthouse contains a bit of Belief & Betrayal. If you believe that good things come to those that wait, then perhaps you'll feel less betrayed by the unexpected delay of Artematica's Church conspiracy thriller until the first quarter of 2008 in North America, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the Benelux territories.

While no specific reason was cited for the delay, Lighthouse and Artematica jointly decided that it's "in the best interest of the fans and the game" to push the release back. Though disappointing to some, there's no shortage of games rushed out the door before being ready, so if the added time is necessary to properly localize the game, a few extra months should prove worth the wait.

Already released in German-speaking countries, Belief & Betrayal puts players in control of multiple characters, most notably journalist Jonathan Danter. When Danter discovers that the murder of his uncle ten years earlier is linked to an ancient mystery, he sets off on an adventure that takes him London, Venice, Rome, and the Vatican. Along the way, he learns of a controversy that "reaches back through history from 1194 A.D. to the time Judas received 30 pieces of silver to betray Christ."

For more information about Belief & Betrayal, now that you've got some time to kill, be sure to check out the game's website and read through the developer diaries.

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