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Overclocked website punches in

Its release may still be many months away, but the highly-anticipated Overclocked now has an official website to help kill the time.

Perhaps that's an unfortunate choice of words, as Overclocked promises to be a controversial examination of the psychological impact of violence. The new point-and-click adventure from Moment of Silence developer House of Tales casts players in multiple roles, including forensic psychiatrist Dave McNamara and five patients picked up on the same stormy night, all disoriented, suffering memory loss, and carrying guns. Over the course of seven days, players will need to both probe and live out each patient's memory in order to discover their identities and learn what has driven them to their current condition.

The website includes a video teaser and some background information about the game, along with a variety of artwork and a trailer in the "downloads" section. Both the trailer and the website itself contain some vocal narration in German, but the rest of the site information is presented in English.

For more information about Overclocked, be sure to read through our preview of the game.

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