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Demo unearthed among Diamonds in the Rough

Since being announced last year, Atropos Studios has been hard at work getting Diamonds in the Rough ready for release, resulting in the release of a playable demo.

The third person, point-and-click adventure centers on Jason Hart, a high school dropout, who discovers he has special abilities that are of interest to a mysterious organization, Diamonds in the Rough. Throughout the game, Jason will come to discover the real purpose of this organization.

The demo, which includes a self-contained introduction and a playable portion, introduces Hart, and how he came to be employed at Diamonds in the Rough. The playable portion focuses on getting and reading a report, written for the Diamonds' organization by a fellow employee, Sydelle. The game manual, included as a PDF, explains the interface, which includes a thought system that will contain clues and be used to solve some of the puzzles in the game.

At 95 MB, the demo can be downloaded from the official website.

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