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Perry Rhodan to star in new adventure

As if blasting into space at ridiculous speeds isn't adventure enough, now one of the most famous astronauts in the world is getting ready for an all-new adventure. No, it's not Neil Armstrong, Juri Gagarin, or even Albert the monkey. It's the fictional Perry Rhodan, coming to save mankind on PC later this year.

Although lesser known outside of its native Germany, the Perry Rhodan series has endured for over four decades, with multiple authors contributing to more than two thousand novellas. The various storylines have covered many centuries and galaxies and even dimensions following the first lunar landing by U.S. Space Force Major Rhodan and his crew, during which they discovered an alien spacecraft.

In the game version of Perry Rhodan, a joint production from Braingame and Deep Silver, the year is 1346 in the New Galactic calendar (A.D. 4934). When the center of world power is overturned by a surprise attack and his girlfriend Mondra Diamond is kidnapped, Rhodan finds himself caught up in a complex web of deceit, and even his own friends are a hindrance in discovering the truth. But there are even larger mysteries to be solved, such as the relevance of the "Arkonidic secret service Tu-Ra-Cell" and the legacy of a race of "angel-like beings, that at one time traveled to the breadths of the universe in order to save it from its destruction." As he begins to probe deeper, Rhodan soon discovers a much greater danger, and only he can stand up to another overpowering opponent.

Perry Rhodan will be a traditional 2.5D adventure, enhanced visually by such features as real-time lighting and shading and atmospheric weather effects. More importantly, the story has been written under the direction of the series' main current author, Robert Feldhoff, with assistance from Austrian Perry Rhodan author Michael Marcus Thurner. The inclusion of both writers reflects the commitment by the development team to creating an authentic Perry Rhodan experience for fans of the series, though they're quick to point out that the game will be just as welcoming for newcomers with no existing knowledge of the books.

The game is currently scheduled for release in German-speaking countries in November 2007, to be followed by localized versions released in France, Italy and an English version in the UK.

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