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Second episode has dawned on Myst Online

Following the debut of the first official episode for Myst Online: Uru Live in May, the second installment is now in the process of launching on GameTap.

Maintaining GameTap's commitment to updating its exclusive multiplayer adventure on a more consistent, formalized basis, "A New Light" builds on the new content offered last month in "Scars". This time around, the new episode will introduce players to the another brand new Age, Er'Cana, and players will be "asked to help feed the darkening lake." The storyline also develops further, with emerging new leaders creating a shift of power, and more beginning to fear a possible war.

Along with the more structured content, players will still be able to explore the original worlds of Uru Live and be a part of the community of explorers. For further details and to catch up on the storyline, visit the Myst Online website.

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