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Jack Keane lands a website

Step aside, Johnny Depp. There's a new "Captain Jack" on the scene, albeit on a much smaller screen. We haven't heard much of Jack Keane of late, but there's good news from 10tacle today, as the publisher has announced the launch of the game's website.

Set in the early Colonial era, the comic point-and-click adventure from Deck 13 casts players in the titular role on a mission to escort a British secret agent to the mysterious Tooth Island. But when Keane's ship is destroyed, a new adventure awaits him as he's left to deal with the island's mysteries on his own. The ruthless Doctor T controls the island with the aid of his trained monkeys and man-eating plants, and has now set his sights on larger conquests. Jack will need to uncover the mad scientist's nefarious plans, and also determine why Doctor T seems to know him. He'll also meet up with the lovely Amanda, who must decide whether Keane is friend or foe.

The game's website offers more details about the game and its characters. You can also check out our Jack Keane preview for further information.

Jack Keane is currently scheduled for release in the third quarter of this year.

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