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Z marks the spot for Project Treasure Island

There has been much speculation on the possibilities for adventures on the Nintendo Wii, and that potential is now being explored a few months after the launch of the new console. While The Adventure Company is working on a port of And Then There Were None, Capcom has announced the development of an original, Wii-exclusive adventure with the working title Project Treasure Island Z.

Capcom is no stranger to the genre, having already released two popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games on the handheld DS. Now the developer is turning its sights to the distinct features of the Wii, promising "an innovative, full-length puzzle adventure game that utilizes the unique control mechanics of the Wiimote." Not much is known about the gameplay at this point, but Capcom's recent press release offered the following details:

    Legend has it that a revered pirate named Barbaros once stole the world's treasure and hid it on a mysterious island. Though no one knows of its exact location, stories about the untold riches that lay in wait have been passed down through the ages, driving pirates from all walks of life to pursue the alluring prizes. One of these treasure seekers, a young apprentice pirate named Zack happens upon a mysterious talking skull, the skull of Barbaros himself. Barbaros promises to reveal the key to the island, if Zack will help to lift the curse he is under.

    Players will explore a variety of wondrous environments and stages, solving puzzles and interacting with the world in search of vast riches and the ultimate pursuit of becoming the greatest pirate the world has ever seen. Inventive gameplay mechanics and controller movements allow players to move and open objects, transform items, unlock new pathways and navigate through perilous stages based on a variety of themes including a jungle, ice temple, volcanic caves and more, each with their own sub-areas. Players will rotate handles, turn keys to open doors, play a piccolo and much more in order to solve the progressively difficult puzzle stages and collect Barbaros's legendary treasures.

Young apprentice pirate? Talking skull? Sounds... vaguely familiar, but for all its surface similarities to classics past, Project Treasure Island Z should be an adventure like no other, and we'll be closely monitoring its progress as it works towards its projected release this fall.

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